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Don't use for you data recovery needs.They will not retrieve any data, but will certainly take your expensive deposit.

They will also be careless with your computer and break it, but accept no responsibility. They will not apologize to you for destroying your hardware, and in fact will call you a liar.

They took my $322 deposit and then didn't deliver any results. They broke my computer and then told me that it was already broken. They are a terrible company that only want your deposit money.

They are total scam artists.Worst company ever

Monetary Loss: $322.


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The crooks at are complete scammers.They will take your deposit and do nothing!

My research shows that they don't even have an office and all their reviews are fake.They use the same 800-761-0405 and pretend to be local businesses, which also makes them mass spammers.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #786302

Absolutely terrible customer service. My case worker never returned repeated phone calls, messages, and emails. Literally any alternative company will suit you better.

Seattle, Washington, United States #644577

SAME THING WITH ME! They took my deposit and then emailed me and said it would cost over $2000 to get my info off.

Such a scam.

Houston, Texas, United States #593964

I have also had a EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE AND FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE with DATARETREIVAL.COM.I never write bad things about companies but this place pushed me over the edge.

OVERPRICED, not local like I thought, email contact only, won't answer phone calls, miscommunicate, they do not have a full grasp of the english language when emailing so I suspect some sort of foreign scam thing going on.Constantly trying to charge more $ after they get your drive, STAY AWAY!


Why are these people still in business.There has to be something that can be done.

My experience with them has been a nightmare. I paid an initial $99 then $147 then $199 and charged and additional $1500. They send me the drives encrypted after they receive their money and will not release the password until I sign a form.

There has to be something I can do to stop or aid in getting authorities to crack down on this company.Something needs to be done..


This is the worst experience I have ever had.The company is terrible.

Once I started to realize that they were scamming me they stopped answering their phones.The loss of data was terrible, but they will not return my hard drive and I am devastated...I've paid them over $400 so far and am willing to pay the $1750 they want for data retrieval - even though they haven't retrieved any data - I just want my hard drive back - they are holding it hostage....


Worthy of Reliance!!!My computer crashed due to high power outage to it.

2 hard drives that was in it failed working. They both had more than 1TB volume of vital information which included more videos as well. All data were very confidential. So I was worried whom to approach since I feared the confidentiality of my data is likely to get compromised.

One of my ex-colleague recommended me to contact DataRetrieval since they are very strict in following privicy policy of customers data. So I spoke to one of their reps via phone and got convinced, and then dropped off my drives at their location. All data were retrieved within 48 hours for a reasonable rate.

All through the way of recovery process, i was kept informed frequently by DataRetrieval on the developments.I appreciate them!


I had the same bad experience with will need to do what I did.

Contact your credit card company dispute the charge since it is fraud to take money without preforming a service.

That puts their money on hold then file a claim against the company in small claims court.You may not ever get your money back from but you will at least have a court judgement against them.


My experience has been identical to npressly's comments above. I was trying to spend local and we misled. They are a company based in Canada. So not only did my money not go local, but it went out of the country.

I too was overcharged $300+ until I mentioned the fact.

I paid in full over a month ago and still have not been able to get to my files. After paying in full, they sent me my hard drive with password encryption. Stating something about I had to send them a signed form for the money that had already been taken from my account. Essentially, holding my files hostage until then. Now that I have a password, I am still having problems getting to my files because their .Rar compression method keeps crashing before I can extract the files.

They still have my initial drive, USB cord and power supply. All my property. I want it all back and they have yet to make an attempt to return my property. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau.

I would recommend NOT using and all of their clone websites. (ca)

I can not find anyone on their site to go to with my concerns and issues. It appears there is no chain of command. I am stuck with the people I deal with and they seem to have no repercussions for poor performance.

to Shawn #1095016

Is theirs as well?

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